Gem of persimmon

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
14 July 2016

Persimmon - familiar to us the fruit that appears on the shelves in late autumn.But persimmon jam - a rather exotic dish, because it is prepared very rare, although in ancient times used a persimmon not only in fresh form.It was added to the bread and wine, baked and prepared a variety of desserts, including a jam.

To make jam from persimmon 1 kg of fruit will need 0.5 kg of sugar, orange peel remover, 50 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice.If you wish to give the original flavor, you can add a little ground nutmeg.

Choose only ripe fruit, jam otherwise may not be possible.Tart and astringent taste is able to ruin the whole jam.To be sure, you can pre-freeze persimmon.Thawed, it loses its tartness and is suitable for cooking jam.

first step is to prepare a persimmon.To do this, wash it, cut into 2 pieces and remove it from the bones.The skins of fruit, too, should be removed.Next, you need to persimmon turn into a puree.There are several different ways - through a meat grinder manual or electric, rub

through a sieve or using a blender to grind.There is no difference, choose the method convenient to you.

resulting puree to pour the entire amount of sugar and let sit for three hours, to make it real.After this time, mashed with sugar, you need to put on medium heat.When it reaches boiling point, the fire can be reduced.Boil the jam until it thickens to the desired consistency is thick.

While the jam is cooked, prepare the additional components.Lemon squeeze the juice and measure 50 ml.Make sure that it does not come across bones.Orange clean, we need to get him crushed zest.To do this it is best to use a normal fine grater.Gently rub a little zest from an orange without affecting its white part.For the jam will need only a teaspoon of grated zest.

is also pre-prepared jars.Sterilize them way you want, but keep in mind that the laying of jam jars should be dry.

When the jam thickens, turn off the heat and add the other ingredients.Citrus will give a pleasant acidity and nutmeg - original flavor.It is necessary to mix well to evenly distribute the weight of its ingredients and the hot expanded in banks.

Stored persimmon jam prepared according to the recipe in the refrigerator.In winter, the jam can be used for pies and other baked goods or simply serve as a dessert with tea.