Stewed cranberries for the winter

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14 July 2016

Rich in vitamins cranberries composition makes very useful, especially in winter, when the body a deficit of nutrients.However, in pure form like cranberries not all, since it has a sour taste.Therefore, from this berry is usually prepared jams, compotes, jams or fruit drinks that are close to the banks for long-term storage.The only disadvantage of this preservation is that cranberries have to add a lot of sugar.

simple cranberry compote

For it is necessary to take the products in the following proportions - in a glass of washed berries and moved about a half cup of sugar and a liter of water.Cranberry mash and squeeze out the juice.Then pour the remains of berries in a container intended for cooking, to pour the heated water and set everything on fire.It is necessary to wait for the boil, then remove from heat and compote strain.While the compote is still hot, pour it into the sugar and pour cranberry juice.

cranberry compote without cooking

be required per kilogram of fresh or frozen berries 0

.6 kg of sugar and 0.4 liters of water.Cranberries carefully sorted and washed, and then poured into prepared jars.Next, the water is boiled, diluted in its sugar and brought to the boil again.The resulting syrup was poured jars with berries, which are then put to sterilization in a basin of hot water.We need to sterilize them for a quarter of an hour, while the temperature is maintained at 90 ° C.After that you can roll up the banks.

Cranberry adding apple compote

200 g cranberry 2-4 apple need (depending on their size) and 150 g of sugar.Before cooking apples cut out the middle and remove them with sandpaper.Thereafter, they are cut into large pieces.In boiling water, add sugar, berries and apples, and reduce the fire so that stewed quietly continued to boil.Cook it for about a quarter of an hour.You can check the readiness as apples - they must be soft.

compote cranberries, raspberries and currants

Berries can be taken both fresh and frozen.For the compote needed 300 g of cranberries, 200 g currants any grade and 100 g of raspberries.The amount of sugar may be varied (from 200 to 500 g), depending on what is necessary to obtain flavor.Water takes about 3 liters.Water is poured into the pan to pour the sugar and put on fire.At this time should peremyat raspberry puree and to a state with the other berries added to the syrup when it boils.Then it is boiled for 10 minutes, then shut off and poured into banks.

cranberry-cranberry compote

cranberries and cranberry taken in equal amounts.2 cups mixed berries need 6-8 apples 5-7 large spoons of sugar, a little dried peppermint, and 2.5 liters of water.Cranberries and cranberry mash into a puree.You can use the blender.Apples are cleaned and cut into small pieces.Then, together with half the sugar and mint pour into water and bring to boil.The resulting syrup is necessary to drain, mix with berry puree and add the remaining sugar.