Stewed gooseberries and raspberries

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14 July 2016

Gooseberries and raspberries - summer berries, fruiting in the same period of time.Both species are very helpful and have a high content of vitamins.Raspberries have long been used as a treatment for colds.In addition to the medicinal and useful properties of berries cooked meals and drinks, such as juice, which can be cooked separately from gooseberry and raspberry, and a mixture of berries.

General rules for the preparation of stewed gooseberries and raspberries

To prepare compote mixture of fruits gooseberries and raspberries, you should know the rules of preservation of each berry individually.

gooseberry compote

Preparation gooseberry fruit is sorted, removing stalks and sepals.Berries should be washed.Gooseberries in canning can burst and give compote unattractive.To avoid this, each berry need to pin prick, and then a little boil in syrup.To prepare compote of gooseberries use syrup strength of 55-60%.

raspberry compote

When cooking compote of raspberries preserved its natural aroma and

flavor, as well as coloring.Due to the fact that some dyes becomes raspberry syrup, should be selected for preserving fruit with bright intense coloration.Suitable and wild raspberries.

Preparing raspberry fruit for cooking compote is their sort, getting rid of raspberry beetle larvae (small white worms).For this purpose, raspberries should be immersed in a weak salt solution (per liter of water 20 g of salt) and incubate for 10 minutes.Rinse well in the shower raspberries, drain excess liquid.When cooking compote of raspberry syrup used, having a fortress of 55%.

gooseberry compote and raspberry classic

compote mixture of these fruits to win the same product because of a gooseberry.Raspberries will give it a beautiful color, flavor and aroma.As a rule, for future use in the manufacture of fruit compotes pour sugar syrup, but you can prepare and stewed fruit without sugar.Exposure to sterilization, it is well preserved for a long time.The fruits for compote can be taken in equal amounts, but you can on your taste preferences.

Prepare the berries and put them in layers in clean jars.Boil syrup needed to prepare a number of fruit volume.To prepare syrup strength 55% to 1 liter of water should be added to 1 kg 200 g of sugar.Pour the fruit syrup and sterilized liter jars for a quarter of an hour.

If gooseberry compote of raspberries and cook without added sugar, fruits pour boiled water and sterilized in the same way.