Jam with cherry and strawberry

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13 July 2016

fragrant jam still leaves no one indifferent.Important also is that it reminds you of summer and warm days, the happy moments, about how it was fun and that I want to repeat it.In addition, the jam is useful and vitamins, that's why you should not be lazy and make preparations for the winter.

fairly unusual combination of strawberries and cherries perfect as a filling for pies and croissants open, of course, a meal can be served in pancakes or pancakes.

Jam of strawberries and cherries in winter

To make a few jars of jam, need to 3 kilos of cherries and strawberries and half a kilogram of sugar.

my berries, remove the stalks and tails, remove the bone from the cherries.Fold products in a large pot and cook on low heat without adding water.When the mixture begins to thicken, add sugar and tormented in the fire until thick, which will see the gleam in the bottom of the pan while stirring the components.

sterilizing jars, spill the hot jam into them, waiting as long as there does not appear on the s

urface film, and only then roll up the container lids (also, incidentally, sterilized - you can boil a few minutes in boiling water).

jam cherries and strawberries with citric acid

500 grams cherries remove tails and bones, put in a pot for cooking jam and add 500 grams of sugar.

my strawberries and fingers, laid on top of the sugar in the cherries, covered with sand in the amount of 500 more grams.

reserve fruits such as at night, so they let the juice.In the morning boil to simmer the mixture of fruit and sugar and wait for complete dissolution of the crystals.Jam is periodically interfere to avoid burnt fruit on the bottom.

Do not forget to remove the foam formed.To do this it is best to take the skimmer, but you can also use an ordinary spoon.

jam cook no more than 10 minutes, then leave on the stove to be fed with the syrup off the stove at least 5 hours.Then, repeat the procedure until the removal of foam, again giving cool.

third time cook the mixture 25 minutes waiting before the thickening and put off 2.5 grams of citric acid.Spread the jam on clean banks and rolls.All is ready.

for Bole aroma can be added to a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla, will get a kind of oriental notes and a delightful smell of strawberries and sweet cherries.If you use for cooking small strawberry fruit, almost all of them remain intact, that is, in the winter they can still be used for decoration.