Jam made from peaches and apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
13 July 2016

Peach jam is very tasty and flavorful.Often, when cooking add the apples.This dish is suitable for tea parties, and is also used as a component in some desserts.

simple peach-apple jam Fruit

to take it in the same quantities.Peaches previously removed the skin and bones, and of apples cored and remove skin.Then all the fruit is crushed using a meat grinder.Fruit weight, yielding, mixed thoroughly and cook until boiling.After that, we can assume that the jam is ready.If desired, it can be a bit cool, shift into jars and store for the winter, rolled lids.

jam of apples and peaches (nectarines)

1.4 kg of peaches or nectarines require 4-5 sweet apples, 800 g of sugar and a little vanilla or vanilla sugar (in the latter case, you will need 1-2 bags).

Peaches need to be cleaned from the skin and cut into small pieces.Apples are also cleaned and rubbed on a coarse grater.Next chopped fruit sugar poured and allowed to stand for several hours until the sugar is melted.After that, the mass of boil over me

dium heat for half an hour, constantly interfering with that jam is not burnt.To do this, you can also use multivarka.In this case, the cooking time depends on the model of the kitchen appliance.Before you turn off the heat, pour in the vanilla sugar jam.The resulting dish can lay on the banks.

peach-apple jam nuts

for preparation per kilogram of peaches takes a few apples, about 1-1.2 kg of sugar and 70 grams of almonds.Almonds can be replaced with walnut kernels.

fruits cleaned and cut apples - small slices and peaches - medium slice.Sugar is stirred in water.The resulting syrup was poured vegetables and cook until boiling, then remove from heat and place a container with a mass of 5 hours in a cool room.Then again, a lot put on the fire and once boiled, peeled vsyp go nuts.If using almonds, its first pour over boiling water and remove with a cloth.Cook the jam nuts together with about a quarter of an hour, and then shift to the banks and twist the winter.

apple-peach jam with cinnamon and lemon

for 2 kg of peaches should be the same number of apples and 1 kg of sugar.It is best suited for that apples with sweet-sour taste.Fruit is well washed, cleaned of seeds and skins and pulverized using a grater, blender or other devices.The mass is then put on the fire.After boiling to pour the sugar, a little cinnamon and lemon juice.Then, continue to cook for another 20 minutes over and lay on the banks.