Jam made of raspberry jelly

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13 July 2016

red sweet fragrant berry like almost everything.Every mother knows about the benefits that brings raspberries growing organism, and adults too.Vitamins and minerals retain health.Also raspberry jam out of it or help to cope with colds, making the treatment very tasty.

Each family in a notebook there are plenty of recipes from raspberries or its addition, starting from cold soups and ending with blanks for the winter.For a long time the most popular dish on the table was a winter jam from the berries, and thoroughly boiled.It could for a long time kept in glass jars, hidden parchment.

Then, with the advent of canning tin lids for many housewives switched to raspberry jam «Orientation meeting."The process of boiling sugar syrup berries in takes very little time, so the vitamins in this product retains much more.

found that not all children love to jam with small bones, so there were recipes raspberry jelly.It looks wonderful in a glass container - a thick, transparent, crimson.The nice thing is consid

ered to be that perfect look berries are not required for the preparation can be taken lightly trampled berries.

Recipe "For the lazy housewives»

To prepare this recipe for jelly require 2 kg of raspberries, 1 kg of sugar (gelling, which is sold as a finished product).

algorithm action is to ensure that the berries have to go through, and if necessary, rinse.Then, using auger juicer or the old-fashioned pestle to grind into a puree raspberries.

The resulting crimson mass filter (you can through a sieve) or squeeze through gauze to separate small bones.Pour the sugar into the raspberries, put on the fire, stirring to dissolve sugar.This mass is brought to a boil, hold on heat for 5 minutes, pour into sterilized containers, better small-volume, cork and tin lids.

Such raspberry jelly preserves the flavor and aroma of fresh berries, as well as almost all the vitamins.But for storing delicate products require a cool place or refrigerator.

Recipe raspberry jelly "Vitaminka»


  • 1 kg of fresh raspberries;
  • 2 kg of sugar.

In this recipe berries are not cooked, so this proportion.

Recipe for

It is similar to the previous one.Berries are moving, cleared of leaves and stalks, wash.Then processed to puree, which, as in the previous recipe, you should drain.

obtained raspberry juice is poured into an enamel or porcelain dish, pour the sugar and begin to interfere with a wooden spoon until it is completely dissolved.Jelly was poured into glass jars, previously sterilized and sealed.The process of gelation occurs a few days, then banks are removed in a cool place to a cold winter day on the table there was a tasty treat, reminiscent of the sunny summer.