Jam of pine cones

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13 July 2016

jam can be prepared not only from sweet berries or fruit.Sometimes cooking course are even bumps - pine and cedar.Jam of these fruits has similar medicinal properties, but pine cones we meet much less often, so tasteful delicacies such familiar not all.Only if all of a sudden have the opportunity to collect pine cones or buy, be sure to have a very useful, fragrant and tasty treat.

This jam - a great helper in the treatment of colds, in the treatment of bronchitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Cones during cooking isolated syrup all their nutrients.Therefore, children may be given for medicinal purposes not only the bumps out of a jam, and sweet syrup.Usually given a teaspoon with warm milk or tea.

to get not only a delicious jam, but also with the greatest possible range of useful features, you should know a few rules of collecting cones.For the preparation it is necessary to collect only green, very young, still immature bumps.They carefully cut with twigs, after which the house

was well washed under running cold water, then left to dry off bumps.

Collect pine cones better away from the roadway to the fruit of the tree was no accumulation of harmful substances from passing cars.Among other things, it is necessary to examine the tree if it struck any illness, it has a pest, you should not cut it with cones.

Jam of pine cones

ingredients cedar jam:

  • kilogram of cedar cones;
  • liter of water;
  • kilogram of sugar;
  • cinnamon to your liking.

Course of preparation:

  1. first thing sorted pine cones, cleanse them from the needles and other debris, washed in water, obsushivayut.
  2. In enamel ware put prepared cones, their boiled pour some water and put on fire.
  3. forward to the liquid boil, then cook pine fruit ten minutes.Pour sugar and throw a pinch of ground cinnamon.
  4. now cook like a normal jam.Screwed to a small flame, cook for about two hours, occasionally remove the foam from the surface of the jam.
  5. finished hot jam cedar necessary to pour into the dry pre-sterilized jars, roll covers.Keep cedar treat better in the refrigerator.

There are contraindications for jam from cones - acute hepatitis and allergic reactions.