Jam of the winter squash

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
13 July 2016

is believed that the squash to cook the jam for the winter is almost impossible.Why is that?The fact that such a jam is not able to be stored for a long time and very soon starts to wander, but it is not so!

The fact is that if the cook purely squash cooked with sugar without any other ingredients (lemons, oranges, etc.), with the right to perform the entire process and make the most sterile, then jam squash perfectly preserved throughout the winter.For complete assurance that quality product can be stored refrigerated.In addition, many seem that the jam is not prepared zucchini, and imagine - from pineapples!

Thus, the first thing to do when cooking jam of zucchini - it is right to prepare the jars and lids: wash with baking soda;spayed or parboiled;dry.Most banks' vyzharivayut "in the sun, but then they cover kapron lids.

squash for cooking jams more convenient to use a shallow enamel basin large enough diameter.In this capacity the liquid will evaporate quickly and zucchini jam quickly becomes th


when the question is not on the technical side, you can go in the garden and build a kilo of young zucchini.Why young people?They have soft skins it is easier to cut, and, in addition, no seeds, they do not need to be removed.When young zucchini left, fit and old fruits, but their training will take longer.

Courgettes wash, cut off from them what you need, and the fruits are cut into small cubes or short ribbons, lay directly in the basin for cooking.Courgettes after cutting poured sugar (0.9 kg) and stir the masses.If you leave the zucchini and sugar at night, then let them juice, in which you can make jam, that's what they do.Therefore, begin to cook squash jam the next day.

Diced zucchini will sometimes settle on the bottom of the pelvis, and stick to it during cooking, they need to shift the method of agitation, otherwise they will burn.Since the zucchini are tender structure, and moreover, they have soaked sugar in their cooking does not need a lot of time.After 20 minutes, slowly boil the jam can be considered ready.Although, if you do not like the consistency, boil it for several minutes.Another warm squash jam shift in banks and closing, allow to cool in a natural position without turning.