Omelet with spinach and cheese

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
11 July 2016

At all times, meals, which included eggs, were considered useful and satisfying.On the tables of the great personages - such as kings and the kings did not do without breakfast dishes containing chicken egg.Times have changed, but for many, the morning begins with a fast enough for the preparation and delicious egg dishes.

One of these simple recipes find omelet.Its very easy to prepare, it does not take a lot of time and effort.Today, there are different options for cooking, for example, scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese.

So, how to cook a simple, delicious and vitamin-rich food?

First you need to list what ingredients are needed:

  • butter;
  • olive oil;
  • egg;
  • milk;
  • cheese Grana Padano cheese Alpina;
  • spinach;
  • leeks;
  • salt and pepper.

list of products differs slightly from the standard set for ordinary omelet, but the result is a very tasty dish.


When cooking omelets, as well as any food, it is important to add a bit of soul, and then it will turn out excellently.So you

need to start with, take the onion and chop it into half rings, and then lightly fry.

Once browned onions, spinach can be added - about 600 grams, but first it needs to be boiled and chopped.After spinach added to the onions, you take a few minutes to extinguish them together, thus closing the pan lid.

While until stew vegetables should take the milk, eggs and cheese named varieties, and all is well mixed.Cheese is first necessary to rub in the amount of 100 grams.

The resulting mass should add the onions with spinach and sprinkle a little pepper.There also add the bread crumbs and mix well.

Now you grease a baking dish and put the resulting mass.

The oven should be well warmed up.Experienced hostess always know the power and features of your oven.Readiness dishes often determined intuitively.But, nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the dish you need to bake about 20 minutes, after which you can spread on a plate and wait a bit when the omelette to cool.Next dish can be served to the table.It is believed that the perfect omelet combined with some sort of red wines.

As is evident from the recipe to cook the omelet with spinach and cheese does not take a long time, but breakfast is no exaggeration to get the glory!