Ravioli with spinach and ricotta

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
11 July 2016

Today Italian cuisine can be found in our kitchen.Special popularity got pasta, which have a different stuffing - the so-called ravioli.Cook the ravioli today, filling everything, and one of those options, and began filling of ricotta and spinach.The dish turns out very unusual and very original.Its taste will eclipse many similar dishes and make the ravioli with spinach and ricotta favorite dish your family!

This dish can be served alone for a hearty lunch or dinner, all of which remain well-fed and, of course, happy!Good to submit such ravioli with cream sauce or regular sour cream with different fat contents.

To cook the ravioli, you must first prepare the stuffing, and then to engage in the manufacture the products themselves.To do this, finely chop 200 g spinach and fry a product on the hot vegetable oil.Thus, the process of cooking takes just under 10 minutes.If moisture is formed when frying, let it evaporate, it happens with frozen spinach.

200 grams of cheese "Ricotta" crushed and immediate

ly connect with fried spinach.Add to them a head of roasted onions.For frying the onions should be cut into small cubes, add salt.The filling is ready, leave it aside and begin kneading the dough.

Necessary us more like a pastry dough on the dumplings, which is kneaded two cups of flour, one egg yolk and 100 ml of water.After kneading the dough should be about twenty minutes to lie down in the food-processing film from which it then took parts as the formation of the finished products.

form ravioli can be any.It can be flattened cubes or conventional "dumplings" or "dumplings."The latest versions of the most convenient and easy.Roll out the cake of small size, the middle of each of them is filled with a small amount of cooked minced meat with spinach and ricotta, molded usual familiar way dumplings.

When all the stuff is made ravioli, they begin to boil in salted water.Dip ravioli with spinach and ricotta in boiling water.Cooking time after re-boiling water is not more than five minutes before the end of cooking the product try to availability.

Hot ravioli immediately pour cream sauce, which consists of two pounded cloves of garlic and a hundred grams of butter.Top little pepper.It is possible to ravioli with spinach and ricotta apply some tomato sauce or ketchup.Especially tasty ravioli in the form of heat.