Salo with garlic through a meat grinder

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11 July 2016

Salo with garlic can be called and condiments, and snack.For the first time there was such a treat on the table Ukrainians, but its popularity soon spread to many countries, where the welcome pork dishes.Now even some restaurants bacon pate with garlic enters the main menu places and enjoys considerable demand among consumers.

Prepare a delicious and nutritious meal each of us the strength at home.If you have the necessary food basket to fulfill it can be just a few minutes.

Salo with garlic through a meat grinder: the traditional recipe

food set:

  • fresh lard - 500 grams;
  • garlic - 1 head of medium size (6-7 cloves);
  • salt - 1 teaspoon (no slides);
  • spices to taste (pepper black and red, coriander powder, a mixture of spices "to fat" and so on. N.);
  • fresh dill - 1-2 sprigs.

Manual preparation:

Salo cut into small pieces.Garlic peeled.We grind these products through a meat grinder with small holes in the grill or in a blender.The resulting mass should be smooth consistency as paste.Adding

salt to the resulting preform, ground spices and dill.Thoroughly mix paste and tasting.If necessary, add salt or seasonings.The dish is ready.He was immediately can be eaten.

storage method

We shift pate in a glass container with a tight lid.Keep the dish can be refrigerated up to 5 days.For longer storage garlic loses its flavors and vitamin properties, and she can take a snack odor.

Application lard with garlic in cooking

This dish is used as a paste for sandwiches.Its spread on bread, sandwich decorated with parsley, dill and pickled vegetables.Serve the hot first courses or as an independent snack.

second way to use fat with garlic - dressing for borscht or soup.At the end of the preparation of the first dishes on stage bookmarks greenery in it put a spoonful of the paste.Fat melts into the hot broth, giving the dish a fat, pleasant spicy flavor and special taste.It is important to take into account in the preparation of dishes that refueling has salty broth and pre-need a little dosolit.

If you initially cook bacon with garlic is like dressing for first dishes, it is best not even use fresh lard and salt - it has a rich taste and aroma.