Pickled cucumbers without vinegar

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
09 July 2016

Cucumbers prepared for winter in many different ways.Among them are the one where do not add vinegar marinade.If you do not like the taste of vinegar, or it is harmful to health, it does not hurt to make a very tasty cucumbers preservation with which receive not less fragrant and crispy!

for pickling cucumbers without vinegar, you can use cold-preservation.For such a blank will be needed the most ordinary foods and tap water, but the efforts will be spent a little more than the usual method.

Pickled cucumbers without vinegar

Food composition:

  • cucumbers (not very large in size or take gherkins);
  • water;
  • dill, black currant leaves;
  • salt, black pepper;
  • horseradish, garlic chives.

How to make pickles?

  1. You must first prepare a container in which we pickles.To do this, banks need to wash very well and place in oven for sterilization (can be sterilized in the pan).
  2. prepared in glass containers put layers on the bottom of all the spices, garlic cloves and herbs (you can except horseradish bl
    ack currant and put another Lavrushka, red currant leaves).If you love a sharp cucumbers, be sure to add a little bit into the workpiece cut into pieces of chili peppers.
  3. spices on top put cucumbers, putting them in a jar as it is possible more densely.
  4. Then we must prepare for our pickle cucumbers.In a clean saucepan combine cool vodichku with coarse salt (meaning stone).There will have to calculate the ratio: for every liter of water requires 100 grams of salt.For conservation can of course use an ordinary and common salt, but then as a result of cucumbers are not so crisp.
  5. Ready to fill the jars with brine almost to the top (should remain a maximum of a couple of centimeters of space), close them kapron lids.
  6. Now comes the time-consuming step.In order to properly prosolilis cucumbers, it is necessary to observe the result of fermentation.Typically, at room temperature, it takes about four to five days.The end of fermentation can be determined by the color of the liquid.When the brine deposit in almost all sink to the bottom, and the brine becomes almost colorless, it means that the fermentation process is over.
  7. neatly from the bank merge all the old brine, gently pour clean water into it cold.It is better to repeat this process for as long as is not completely gone from the bottom of the sediment.After that, banks need to add water to the edge that there was no room for air, roll up.If you leave the air in a bank, you may be spoiled cucumbers.Keep harvesting is best in a dark place.