Adzhika of carrots and apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
09 July 2016

Tasty adjika can cook carrots with the addition of conventional apples of any variety.Tabasco get fragrant, very helpful and pleasant, even young children, if you do it is not very sharp.Certain prescription preparation adzhika of carrots and apples, of course not, because the Caucasus each family there is a unique recipe for cooking this dish, but in any case, the total cooking technique in principle is observed.

adjika Why cook when it is quite possible to buy, the market offers us a lot of data of food whose composition is very different ?!The home adzhika prepared from apples and carrots, has one advantage over the purchased product - a dish less salty, and therefore more tasty and appetizing!In addition, in his capacity as the ingredients used, and make no mistake, because you have chosen and prepared all yourself!Here's how!

We need to buy any of 0,5 kg of apples, you can even use sour and savory varieties;0.5 kg of carrots, preference for more juicy and sweet varieties;2 kg of tomatoes (all);1

kg of pepper, the dish had different shades can be used multi-colored pepper.Garlic taking 0.2 kg and 0.1 kg of hot pepper, but the quantity of these ingredients can adjust themselves.Also, we will need 0.25 ml of vegetable oil and spices that you like, do not forget the fragrant black pepper.

When all the products in the collection, to wash vegetables.Then they were treated before grinding.It concerns not only the processing of cleaning and removing the seeds of some of them, but also the possible cut propped areas, because the adjika can be used not only completely whole vegetables.After processing all the little shred knife, slicing into pieces, which will be convenient to lay in a bowl grinder and twist all the vegetables once, tumbling chopped vegetable weight in one container.

before cooking topped up with sunflower oil and stir well, adding spices, put the pan on low heat and cook.Just keep in mind that the dish will cook for at least three hours, so be patient, it periodically stir and do not forget to remove the foam.

When welded adjika of carrots and apples cool down, its shift in sterile containers and covered with plastic lids, if the dish is going to be stored in the refrigerator.If the dish will be omitted in the cellar or basement is related, then it is better to use metal lids.