Pickled cucumbers and tomato Assorted

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09 July 2016

Mistress always trying to please with refreshments, but not always immediately comes to mind is that it serve.In summer, everything is very simple - fresh fruits and vegetables are available, some have their own garden plots, but what about in the winter, when a small selection of fresh vegetables?In that case, thrifty housewives cook salting for the winter.How nice to open a jar of pickles for an ordinary family dinner, and even for the holiday table, they would have occupied a special place.

many familiar situation: the bank with cucumbers open, but you want something else, such as salted tomatoes, but open another bank for a few pieces is not desirable.Therefore, resourceful hostess invented a great way - pickle cucumbers with tomatoes.Taste qualities remain the same, but very comfortable - opening a jar, receive assorted pickles and tomatoes.

to get cuts, you need to collect tomatoes small size and desirable young cucumbers.Also need the following ingredients - bay leaves, stems and umbrellas fre

sh dill, garlic, salt, sugar and vinegar.The recipe involves step-salting.

First of all, it is necessary to wash vegetables, cucumber, you can not pre-soak, but so that they were more crispy, it is desirable to put them some time in the cold water.After that you should prepare all the spices, dill need to be washed, garlic (a few cloves) cleaned from the husk, to prepare for 2 tablespoons.l.salts and sugars.

should now start preparing cans - they need to be sure to wash and dry, then sterilized a few minutes.You can move to the salting.Doing this is quite simple, the main thing to save a sequence of actions.

All spices should be placed at the bottom of the can.They need to be put on top of the cucumbers, they add a little more spice.You can then lay the tomatoes.Before you begin salting, it is necessary to boil the water to fill the jar with boiling vegetables.This should be done two times.The first - to fill the jar and leave for a few minutes, then drain the water, the second - do not pour out the water, close the jar seaming key wrapped in a blanket and leave for 2 days, then put in a cool place.

Housekeeping tip

cucumbers and tomatoes, marinated together, turn out tastier, if you invest in pickling a piece of the soul!