Pickled green tomatoes without sterilization

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
09 July 2016

blanks with tomatoes are loved by almost all the housewives.There are a variety of techniques and recipes, allowing to cook the tomatoes for the winter.So with green tomatoes that remain nevyzrevshie late fall, you can make a very tasty piece.Green tomatoes can marinate, without sterilization.Of them were great snack with an unusual flavor.Prepare this dish is simple enough so that even inexperienced hostess cope with it easily.In preparation takes about one and a half to two hours.

pickled green tomatoes without sterilization

Per liter of green pickled tomatoes need:

  • four cloves of garlic;
  • 3 pcs.fragrant pepper peas;
  • couple of tablespoons of vinegar;
  • kg of green tomatoes;
  • one bell pepper;
  • 4 peas of black pepper;
  • couple lavrushek;
  • 2,5 Art.spoons of sugar;
  • one hot pepper;
  • five sprigs of fresh parsley;
  • 0,6 liters of water;
  • stuff a couple of cloves;
  • 1 tbsp.l.salt.

How to pickle green tomatoes?

  1. For preparation should take more immature green tomatoes.The size must be the same as t
    hat of the matured fruits varieties.If suddenly you will have brown tomatoes, they can also be safely sent to this piece.Tomatoes should be washed, then dry with paper towel.Next, you want to chop each tomato toothpick in several places.If the fruit will be so very hard, it is necessary to replace the plug on a toothpick.
  2. should now start preparing containers.To do this, select the banks cover their good rub baking soda, then rinse thoroughly with water.Place jars in an oven, where they must be sterilized within 15 minutes.Caps also need to put in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  3. Peel garlic chives, parsley sprigs Wash.Hot peppers and clean from the walls, seeds, wash and dry.After that pepper should be divided into large plates.
  4. At the bottom of the banks put a sterile Lavrushka, peas peppers.Next, tightly packed in a jar of green tomatoes, interspersing the fruits garlic, parsley, pepper plates.All of this pour boiling water and cover the jar.The fruit must stand in this state for 15 minutes.A procedure similar to that described above, must be repeated three times.
  5. After the third time the water from the banks need to carefully pour into a saucepan and boil, adding a salt, cloves and sugar.When the liquid boils, it is required to pour the vinegar and cook for another couple of minutochek.
  6. tomatoes in cans to the brim pour the hot marinade clog.Turn on the container lid, wrapped in a blanket and leave it to cool down completely.
  7. Store green tomatoes better in a cool dark place.