Coughing with a deep breath

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 June 2016

Cough - is to increase thoracic pressure, which leads to a reduction in muscle, which in turn contribute to the expulsion of mucus and phlegm from the bronchial tubes.If the glottis is opened quickly, the air comes out at a speed of about 250 m / s, perfectly cleaning the bronchi.As for the rare cough shocks, it is normal and should not cause any disturbances in humans.

Please note that the cough with a deep breath can be of two types:

  1. dry.Usually it occurs when the bronchial tubes diseases and inflammation of the mucous in the trachea.He has a compulsive character and are very often associated with changes in vocal cords.
  2. wet.This ends cough sputum and resumed only after the mucus accumulates again.This type of cough is considered a symptom of bronchitis.He brings a lot of trouble, and the patient has a painful character.

Cough with a deep breath causes the patient great pain.As practice shows, the most commonly suffer from it during stimulation pleurisy, asthma attacks and allergic sensitivity

at elevated lung.If the cough is accompanied by a copious frothy sputum, this may indicate a swallowing disorder.

As you can see, there are many diseases and causes that can provoke the emergence of symptoms.Therefore, it is not necessary to put a diagnosis on their own and try to recover from an imaginary illness.You should refer to the good doctor to get tested and to establish disease.The only way to quickly carry out the treatment without harming your body.

If for some reason you can not in time to see a specialist, do not worry.Were treated folk remedies using lime, tea, raspberry jam, and so on.This treatment will not harm your health and improve well-being.But picking up sprays and cough remedies, be sure to take into account what kind you cough.The fact is that those drugs that are suitable for wet cough, do not fit with the dry.The approach to this issue seriously, so you do not have to regret that were treated unprofessionally.This is especially true of pregnant women and small children, because in this case on medication it is best to abstain, as this may result in the development of other more serious diseases.