Iron deficiency: Symptoms

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 June 2016

Iron deficiency leads to serious health problems, especially when it comes to young children.In some cases, a lack of iron in the brain triggers irreversible, and the child becomes mentally retarded.The immune system is weakened significantly, leading to constant diseases, many of them are gradually becoming chronic.

Symptoms of iron deficiency in the body can be different.This is due to the person's age, individual characteristics, underlying disease and the general state of the organism as a whole.Among them are the most similar, such symptoms at the beginning of "malaise" and the process of its development.

Iron deficiency: Symptoms

  • In humans, there is a tendency to various "protracted" diseases, especially those that have a viral origin.Frequent cases of the flu, sore throat, runny nose, and a recurring cough.
  • After a little physical or mental stress occurs slight discomfort or fatigue.Poor health for a long time does not pass.
  • Integuments become dry, dull and sick look.On the face and hands
    can be seen peeling, which is gradually replaced by the cracking of the skin.
  • Mucous membranes become pale shade.Begin gum problems (inflammation, microcracks).Lips become a light purple hue.
  • With a large iron deficiency in a patient starts to break down and fall out of the hair.
  • nails are unhealthy appearance, constantly break off and exfoliate.
  • Blood pressure is lowered, the problem starts with the heart, shortness of breath often occurs.
  • muscles of the arms, legs, back and neck become flabby, it seems that the aging process in the body begins to accelerate appreciably.
  • Children lost appetite, there are problems with urination, often incontinent.

Despite what symptoms are evident, in the initial reaction occurring in the organism and changes it is difficult to determine and diagnose the lack of iron, so often even physicians to identify the problem needs to spend a lot of time and to perform certain tests.

the presence of the first symptoms is necessary periodically to keep your body preparations and products containing iron, especially older women, and children.Products containing caffeine should be excluded from your diet.