Meatballs from minced chicken

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
06 July 2016

Meatballs - very tasty and healthy meat dishes, which are small in size balls of minced meat.To prepare the meatballs can take any beef, but the most soft and delicate obtained from minced chicken meatballs.Consider the features and variations of their preparation.

Meatballs from minced chicken in a creamy sauce

Chicken (0.5 kg) to wash under running water, dry, lightly beat off the kitchen with a hammer and cut into slices.Onions cleaned from the husk, and together with the meat through a meat grinder.The resulting minced salt and pepper, to drive in a raw egg and mix well.

Take the baking dish and grease it abundantly cream.From stuffing to form small balls, put them carefully into the prepared form and send in a preheated oven for 10 minutes.At this time, you can prepare the sauce.For this hard cheese (200 g) it is necessary to grate and combine it with through the press garlic (3 cloves).Cheese and garlic mass pour cream (200 ml).Get out of the spiritual closet shape with meatballs, pour their

sauce, and then send back to bake for another minute 20.

Meatballs from minced chicken in tomato sauce

Chicken (0.5 kg) and onion mince.Add beef to the broken stale bread crumbs (1 piece), grated Parmesan or other hard cheese (50 g), beaten egg white (1 pc.), Pour the milk, salt and pepper.Carefully mix all the ingredients and form from the resulting mass of small-sized balls (convenient to do it with wet hands).Send

chicken meatballs fried in a pan with the addition of olive oil for about 5 minutes to add to them crushed and released from the peel tomatoes in their own juice.Continue to simmer under the lid closed even minutes 20.

Meatballs from minced chicken in the oven

dry white bread (3 pieces) soaked in milk (100 ml) for 10 minutes, then thoroughly wring out.Chicken fillet (500 g) and cleaned of peel onions (1 pc.) Cut into small pieces and mince.In the resulting mince add chopped herbs in a blender, tomato sauce (3 tbsp. L.), Ground paprika (0.5 h. L.), Pepper and salt.

wet hands to form meatballs and send to pre-greased baking tray with butter.Top each chicken balls, using a brush, apply a small amount of vegetable oil.Bake in oven for 30 minutes at temperature of 180 ° C.