Pickled eggplant stuffed with vegetables

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
06 July 2016

Eggplant - very useful and tasty vegetable, recipes for which there is a huge set.Especially popular are the pickled eggplant stuffed with vegetables.It's a great snack, which has a pleasant acidity and at the same time a touch of sharpness and spice, perfect for meat dishes and various side dishes.Consider the features of the preparation of this dish recipe.

First of all, let us eggplants.We will need them 1 kg.Vegetables should be washed under water and on the sides of each run by two through the puncture.Eggplant need to boil.To do this in a pan, pour 2 liters of water, pour it in 2 tbsp.spoons of salt, bring to a boil, and is immersed in a liquid prepared eggplant.The duration of cooking depends on the size of eggplants - so small boiled 5 minutes or less, while the large order of 10. Vegetables are ready when the plug can be effortlessly pierce their skin.

In order to get rid of excess fluid and remove the bitterness, eggplant for 2-3 hours should be placed under the press.Along the length of ea

ch eggplant perform several deep cuts.Vegetables ready for stuffing.To prepare the brine is necessary to boil 2 liters of water and dissolve it in Article 6.l.salt.Let the brine cool down and do some filling.

Carrots (3 pcs.) Grate.A similar make white roots (100 g).Onions (3 pcs.) Clear of the husk, and chop finely.Sauté the vegetables separately in a small amount of vegetable oil, then mix them in a bowl, add pepper, salt, add the paprika.

Grind the clove of garlic and rub the mix eggplant cavity inside the incision, and then fill them with cooked stuffing (2-2.5 v. L.).Gently combine the edge eggplant, bandaging their green or conventional sewing thread.

At the bottom of the container reserved for fermentation eggplant, it is necessary to put a couple of crushed bay leaves and fennel umbrella.Eggplants are laid out in a pan layers, tightly clutching the vegetables together.Each layer need to sprinkle the slices of hot pepper and minced garlic.Fill the eggplant with brine cooled down, and make it so that the vegetables were completely submerged in the liquid.Top cover eggplant flat plate on top of which a small weight set.24 hours vegetables should stand at room temperature, and then they must endure in the refrigerator or any other cool place for at least 12 hours.All pickled eggplants are ready, you can remove the sample.