As frozen broccoli in the winter?

By Admin | Household Tricks
20 June 2016

Experienced hostess believe that the best way to freeze broccoli grown on their own summer cottage.If you intend to freeze for the winter purchased a product, you should choose only fresh crunchy broccoli, which has good quality.

product before freezing you need to rinse well with cold water (from the tap).After washing the excess water "shake" and the plant itself is separated into florets.It is necessary to remove all the spoil areas and dense leaves and tough stems.Selected for the freezing of the plants need for some time to put in a salt brine.

To prepare the brine gaining liter of clean water and put it five teaspoons of salt, stir well, and all the salt has dissolved, the brine is ready for use.When soaking in such a brine for 30 minutes removed from leaves of insect larvae which can not see the conventional view.After soaking the plant immediately washed with running water.

Broccoli aside.It is necessary to prepare a small pot, which is filled about one-third water, water, bring to a boil.Ne

xt you need to put the bulk bowl filled halfway with cold water and ice cubes.These "tools" needed for further blanching product.

This treatment will allow to destroy germs and bacteria.If you blanch the vegetables, then in the process of freezing, he not only will lose color and appearance, as well as of the useful properties.

Broccoli immersed for two minutes in boiling water, then immediately in the cold, after the spread on a dry dish.For the convenience of blanching is necessary to use a skimmer or colander.Before freezing a product must be completely drain the water.

treated cabbage (already completely cold and dry) are placed in sealed bags or containers.From the package try to "release" excess air, sealed and storing them in the freezer.Just have to calculate the proportion of greenery in the same package should be as long as necessary for one time use.

If the process of further processing of the product before freezing is executed correctly and all the steps followed in the winter you can enjoy a truly great product.Properly frozen cabbage preserved almost intact for about ten months.Therefore, it is quite dolezhit until the next harvest.