Lemon in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 June 2016

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common disease among the Russians, and not only.In diabetes should be observed fairly strict diet that provides for the refusal of the patient from many joys of life - even some sweets and fruits.

As for the lemon, then its use in diabetes is not limited.Though who would have lemons kilograms or pieces?The characteristic sour taste of lemons does not allow them to eat as much as, for example, sweet bananas.And, indeed, the sugar content in this fruit minimum - only 3%.

Diabetes - a disease that is difficult to treat.And in such cases comes to help traditional medicine.And due to the large lemon acid content is not the last resort, which is used for the treatment of folk healers of disease.Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C - this is known even to a child.Due to this property, it is an excellent tonic tool, which is very beneficial for the body, weakened by illness.

of diabetes is accompanied by metabolic disorders, and hence there is obesity and other additional prob

lems diabetics.Substances contained in lemons, strengthen capillaries, and it solves the problem of slow metabolism at least in part.

diet in diabetes is not anything special, it's just healthy and balanced diet, which eliminates the use of harmful substances and sweets.Any healthy person would not hurt to eat this way.Lemon plays an important role in the diets.He is known as a powerful fat burner, so you can use it virtually anywhere - from the tea and ending with meat and fish dishes.

Recipes of traditional medicine

infusion of lemon, garlic and parsley

To prepare needed garlic, parsley and lemon in a ratio of 1: 1: 3.Parsley should be washed, cleaned of garlic skins, and lemon to remove all the bones, peel should be left.Grind all the ingredients in a blender or grinder and store for two weeks in the refrigerator.After this time, the infusion is ready.Use it on a teaspoon before each meal.

lemon and eggs

cocktail of lemon with raw egg guaranteed lowers blood sugar.Take it should be in the morning an hour before breakfast.To prepare the cocktail should be mixed one raw egg and juice of one lemon.Treatment is carried out in three days, one course in two months.