How to clean faux suede?

By Admin | Household Tricks
16 June 2016

faux suede - spectacular cloth.It is the same velvety and soft to the touch, like natural suede.Despite the fact that the suede is durable and resistant to light and chemical resistance material for her to care so that she always had a beautiful view.

clean it easily enough.It even can be washed in water, so the sofa of a fabric can be easily cleaned with detergent cleaner, only to tank filled with a solution of washing powder!

If you're on a suede things accidentally planted spot, has the following breeding methods.

  • Grease and oil stains appear when dry cleaning.Not on your nelly not use them to launch a soap or a similar cleanser.
  • But in eliminating stains from fruit and berries soap solution will be very helpful.Sponge soaked in a solution to help them cope.
  • accidentally spilled or alcohol eliminated with 20% methyl alcohol or lather.
  • From beer spots will help the mixture of water and 3% concentration of methyl alcohol.
  • Any other beverages, as well as red wine with artificial suede removed w
    ith a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 50 to 50. suds can also indulge in.
  • Fresh stains from tea, milk, coffee is best to remove the suds, and already inveterate stains - ammonia diluted in water.
  • turpentine oil can come in handy against the struggle with traces of ballpoint pens, shoe polish, asphalt and resin gum.From turpentine oil paint will be just right!
  • Nail polish can be removed with acetone, transparent means of nail polish remover.
  • If artificial suede soiled cosmetics (lipstick), then use a soap solution (for weak spots), a solution of 90% ethanol and 5% ammonia.
  • spots on the fur coat can be cleaned starch / semolina.They did not leave behind a residue.If the stain does not appear so simple - rub it with a soft brush soaked in a mixture of glycerol and ammonia in equal parts (20 g) + teaspoon borax +450 ml of water.
  • Suede Shoes and bags are best cleaned with special rubber brushes, eraser or sandpaper (the smallest).
  • Gloves suede restore its form after the following simple procedures: wearing gloves, clean them with a mild soap with a soft brush, rinse with warm water and wipe with a towel.Now you can take them off and dry.