Canned peppers with apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
05 July 2016

Preparations for the winter - a wide field for various culinary experiments.By combining different vegetables and fruits, you can get interesting and original dishes.For example, sweet peppers can make a tasty snack, combining it in a jar with apples and sweet marinade Bay.

pepper, canned apples

recipe is quite unusual, because not often meet in the same bank, and fruits and vegetables, and then peppers with apples.Excellent flavors complementing each other, and peppers, and apples are obtained tasty and very fragrant.


  • sugar - 1 cup;
  • apples - 3.5 kg;
  • pepper - 3.2 kg;
  • vinegar (70%) - 2 dessert spoons;
  • drinking water - 4.5 liters.


First, carefully select and wash all fruits and vegetables after they were dried well, laying on a towel.

my jars with soda or soap and then steamed over boiling water or in the oven.Damaged container cracked or chipped on the neck can not be used for preservation.The capacity of the cans you can pick up any.The two-liter jar hover

around a quarter of an hour, for a smaller container will be enough for 7-10 minutes.

Pods Bulgarian pepper cut in half lengthwise, throw out the seeds with a tail and cut into medium slices lengthwise.Apples are also cut in half, cut the seed box and cut apple slices.

Put the pan on the burner with some water and when the water boils, laying part of the Bulgarian pepper and blanshiruem it in boiling water.We spread the pepper into sterile jars.Should be sent blanched apples, and lay them on top.So we fill the container.

Prepare the marinade for the fill.Pure spring water, pour into a saucepan, add sugar and vinegar and mix well.Once the brine to boil, set aside it aside and pour the contents of the jars with hot marinade.

Banks roll up sterile lids.Now be sure to check the density and reliability seaming.To do this, put the jar on its side, and laminating on the table, look carefully, there is not dripping from under the cover of the liquid.If the cap passes, it urgently remove and roll up the other bank cover.If all goes well, the canned peppers with apples put on the cap and tightly wrapped a thick towel.

When completely cool preservation, move it in a cool dark place.For this perfect basement or cellar.Enjoy all the meal!