Marmalade of oranges

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05 July 2016

Marmalade - a kind of fruit dessert that can be harvested in the winter in jars.It is prepared from various fruits and berries, or mixtures thereof.Marmalade is a bit like jam and in cooking is used to make cheese desserts, various sweet pastries or sandwiches.

very good orange marmalade, which can vary the taste by adding brandy, liqueur or rum.Traditionally, this jam is served with thin fresh toast for breakfast with tea or coffee.

Orange marmalade Orange marmalade

cooked this recipe looks like a gelled dessert with whole orange slices.Orange circles become elastic and sweet, while maintaining a bright orange color.Gelled slices can decorate any cake or cake, and sweet and savory jelly mass can be spread on bread with butter and served with green tea.


  • oranges - 3 pcs .;
  • sugar - 210 g;
  • lemon - 0.5 pc .;
  • drinking water - 0.5 liters;
  • zhelfiks - 20 g;
  • star anise - 2 stars.


For a delicious jam is important to use a well-ripened fruit with a thin skin bright.B

efore eating them or, as in our case, to prepare jam, they must be cleaned.Do not just rinse and diligently wash under running water with a brush for washing vegetables to completely wash off the chemicals that are processed oranges during transport for more safety.

Clean and dry the oranges with a sharp knife cut into medium slices, removing the seeds.

Sugar must be taken strictly according to the ratio: one orange - 70 g If we have 3 orange, it means that sugar should be exactly 210 g Sugar mix with zhelfiksom.Lemon cut in half and one half squeezing juice.

In a saucepan pour water mixed with lemon juice, orange slices laid on top, fill with sugar and add zhelfiksom with two asterisks anise.Filled saucepan put on the stove and heated until the first bubbles over medium heat.Then reduce the fire and boil the oranges in syrup quarter of an hour.

Meanwhile sterilize small jars and lids.Please carefully expanded in jars slices of oranges, make sure that they went rovnenko not deformed.Then pour the hot syrup-filled jars and lids roll up.When the syrup has cooled, it becomes a dense jelly.Store the jam should be in the cellar or basement.Enjoy all the meal!