Topiary pasta

By Admin | Household Tricks
15 June 2016

Topiary - a small, beautiful product that in its form resembles an ordinary tree.According Finsch it brings home happiness, love and wealth.Believe it or not, to decide each on their own.But be that as it may, it is perfectly fit in your home decor, diluting it notes glamor and sophistication.

popularity of this creation is explained by the fact that it resembles a home flowers.Here roofing care for them is not necessary.Also recently we started Topiary give instead of flowers.And there is no surprise, as he once did not wither, and for many years will remind donors.

Note that you can make the product of different materials.However, the most commonly used for this purpose conventional pasta.Thus they may be of various shapes and sizes.It all depends on your imagination and how you want to see your creation.So, let's see how to make topiary at home.

to create a tree of pasta, you will need the following.


  • artificial butterfly;
  • spiral pasta;
  • wire branches to the trunk;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • car paint;
  • glue gun;
  • moment;
  • masking tape;
  • newspaper.

Step by Step:

  1. From newspapers to make a ball-Korosi.Secure all using masking tape.
  2. Use a sharp object to make a small hole in the ball and paste stick.All of this coat of paint.
  3. Now proceed to gluing macaroni.In doing so it is recommended from the top circle.
  4. Color pasta in the color you want.But remember, they can be either self-colored or different.
  5. now complete your trunk.To do this, attach the dry branches of a raspberry, or honeysuckle.Secure them with wire.
  6. zagipsuyte All this in the pot.When the plaster hardens, decorate it with moss or artificial greens.
  7. branches and trunks coat varnish.
  8. As for the decor, it is possible to use artificial butterflies and beads.

And finally remember, creating topiary at home, you can experiment, for deviating from the steps below, you make a really unusual and original product that will engage the views and admired by others.Therefore, if you want to create for your home decor, stop your choice on the Topiary.Believe me, it will fit any decor and zarekomenduet you as a creative person.