Infusion of cherries on alcohol

By Admin | Household Tricks
15 June 2016

Vishnevka (so popularly called brandy cherry) - one of the most beloved of all alcoholic beverages.Intense flavor and aroma, beautiful color - these are the three components of this wonderful drink.Preparation of cherry on alcohol will take time, but the result is definitely worth it.So, consider the features of the technology of preparation by breaking the process into several stages.

Step number 1

Wash cherries (1 kg), release it from a different litter, and carefully select berries, put aside spoiled.The previously prepared 3-liter jar pour a selected cherries, it should take approximately two-thirds capacity.Fill jar alcohol (1.5 L) substantially at the neck, and then tightly cover and send to 2 weeks in a cool dark place.During this time, it is sometimes necessary to shake the container gently, each time watching the liqueur is becoming more saturated color.At the end of the specified time to get semi-finished brandy.

Step number 2

Pour all the liquid contents in a separate jar and close the

lid.The amount of added sugar depends on what the manufacturer wants to eventually see their tincture - sweet, mild and slightly sour.On average, per 1 kg of cherries taken 300 g of granulated sugar.Pour the sugar in a bowl of cherries, shake well and put into a dark cool place for 2 weeks again.Next set of banks in which was placed the vodka of the brandy.Every 3 days gently shake the contents of the containers.Over time, the banks get.Sugar will pull out a significant amount of cherries juice, turning eventually into the concentrated cherry syrup.Pour the syrup into a container with a part vodka liqueur.Shake the contents of the banks, it is necessary to leave it for another 24 hours.

Step number 3

banks pour in cold pure water so that it is just able to cover the cherries, then cover and put again for 2 weeks in a cool place.After this time period to pour the water in a container of brandy.Infusion is ready, you can bring to the table.But, nevertheless, it is advisable to give some time to stand liqueurs in order to infuse.The longer the shutter speed from the drink, the more intense flavor and aroma it has, however, more often, so yummy "diverge" very quickly.