Pom-poms for cheerleading with their hands

By Admin | Household Tricks
15 June 2016

Well, what the competition can be imagined without speech groups?It's a kind of show that makes the event more memorable, bright and unusual.In order to achieve this goal is common to use colorful costumes, makeup, and comfortable shoes.An essential attribute of such performances, special steel pompons or, as they are called cheerleading.

Note that cheerleading should always be bright, fluffy and large, otherwise, they will not attract the attention of the audience, resulting in a target will not be achieved.Therefore, the production of these parts must be approached responsibly, strictly following the instructions.

So, in order to create a pom-poms with your hands, you will need the following.


  • insulating tape or tape;
  • garbage bags;
  • scissors.

should take into account the fact that the garbage bags have a variety of colors.Therefore, you can easily pick up exactly what you perfect.Plus Polyester - a very durable material, so your pompons will last a very long time and help to shine o

n any support.

Instructions for use:

  1. Before you start creating pompons, you need to find the perfect flat and hard surface that is well resistant to mechanical damage.Wooden items and linoleum for this purpose are not suitable.
  2. Spread garbage bags.Moreover, if the pompom to be colored, grab bags of different colors.
  3. With scissors, trim the edges of the product so that they are not glued.
  4. Now fold the bag in half.
  5. free edges spread out on the strip.But remember, do they need to be the same thickness, otherwise for cheerleading pompons will be not so nice view as you would like.
  6. bag gently roll the tube.
  7. Ready handle well rewind tape or electrical tape.

As you can see, for cheerleading pompons create with their own hands is actually very easy.So do not be lazy.Believe me, they better do it yourself than to buy ready-made products.The thing is that their manufacture a their hands, they will get you a "live" and original, because in these pompoms you put the soul and through them reveals its character.In addition to all this activity does not take much of your time and money.

easy and fun you work!