Infusion of cherry vodka

By Admin | Household Tricks
15 June 2016

Infusion has long been considered one of the most delicious and the people's favorite drinks.It is made from various fruits and berries, but the cherry liqueur, or, as another call, Vishnevka enjoyed the greatest demand.In modern times, this wonderful drink did not lost its popularity and it (using time-tested recipes) continue to cook in the vast majority of families.

Recipe number 1

Cherry good wash, sort out and fill it to the top of a large ceramic pot.After that, pour the vodka, to cherries were completely covered by it.Tied a pot on top of paper, a few places pierced it with a fork.Place the container in the oven to cool or slightly heated oven (the temperature should not exceed 120 ° C).Berries should be steamed until such time as they do not acquire a dark brown color, and bone with a weak pressing will easily leave the flesh.

Remove the fruit from the pot and put them in a sieve.Pour in the resulting liquid sugar (the rate of 300 g per 1 L) and stir.For more tartness of the cherries it is

recommended to press the juice and mix it with brandy.Pour the drink into bottles and let stand for a day and then rush to take the sample.

Recipe number 2

as containers must use a bottle of champagne.Put them washed cherries, with several tamping, then tightly close the caps.To sterilize need high saucepan.Bed in the bottom of the tank a piece of cloth, set the bottle and pour them "on the shoulders" of cold water.

Put the pot on a small fire and boil for half an hour.Remove container from heat and wait until the water cools.Formed during the cooking process should be drained cherry juice and dilute sugar, basing itself on the following proportions: 1 liter of juice requires 300 ml of vodka and 200 grams of sugar.Pour the resulting mixture was bottled, resealed and left for 24 hours at room temperature to infuse.Infusion ready!

Recipe number 3

Place the cherries in a single layer on a tray and put under the bright rays of the sun.In the evening, the fruits to fall asleep in the barrel and pour vodka on top so that all the fruits were in her dives.Cherry absorbs the liquid, and so the next day you need to pour vodka, bringing its level to the initial point.Repeat the procedure for 5 days, and then pull the juice through the open bottom of the cork and then pour it back through the top opening.This "circulation" is repeated 3 days, after which Vishnevka vodka is ready!