Assorted vegetables in the winter, "Garden in the bank"

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
04 July 2016

Well, when one bank each family member can find something to your taste, or just it is possible to simultaneously enjoy a variety of vegetables in the winter without the need to open several conservation.To achieve this allows harvesting a variety of vegetables and fruit platter.One popular such recipes is "Vegetable bank" which will be described in detail below.

Ingredients for vegetable platter "Garden in the bankĀ»:

  • cucumbers - 6 pieces;
  • tomatoes - 6 pieces;
  • zucchini - 6 pieces;
  • garlic - one head;
  • salt - 50 grams;
  • sugar - 50 grams;
  • vinegar (a 9%) - 50 ml;
  • blackcurrant leaves or other fruit orchard crops - 10 pieces;
  • black pepper sharp - 10 peas;
  • fragrant black pepper - 10 peas;
  • water - 1500 ml.

order not to mislead the reader relative proportions, it is important to note that the above list, it is represented on young cucumber and zucchini.The most relevant is this mark pubs - their size must not exceed 10 cm in length, that is, they should be with unformed immature seeds.There is a

lso the practice of using mature zucchini, but in this case they are needed cutting and sometimes removing the seeds.

A method for preparing a vegetable platter "Garden in the bankĀ»:

  1. cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and black currant leaves should be thoroughly rinsed under cold running water.
  2. Glass jar sterilized.At the bottom of the banks placed currant leaves.Then firmly laid the washed vegetables in the jar.
  3. In the water add salt and sugar, stir well and bring to a boil.Bates heat to medium and add in the future pickle peas fragrant and spicy black pepper and chopped garlic into thin slices.Cook for five minutes with the lid closed.
  4. Add vinegar to fill Bates heat to minimum and cook for another five minutes with the lid closed.
  5. Hot pour marinade over the vegetables in the pot to the top.Allow to stand for five minutes, and then poured the marinade back into the pan and allow to boil again.
  6. Pour vegetables and re-roll tin jar lid.Turned upside down and allowed to cool at room temperature.

Assorted vegetables "Garden in the bank" will please the entire family with its taste and a rich supply of nutrients.