How to keep a watermelon?

By Admin | Household Tricks
06 June 2016

Watermelon, like most melons can be stored for a long time.However, in practice, often at home this striped berries can not be saved in its original form, even for two weeks.The flesh is very quickly becoming a cotton, and the taste - sour.With proper storage is purchased in September will be a watermelon apply for New Year's table is juicy and delicious dessert.To do this, refer to the rules and requirements of transport that are relevant and watermelon during storage at home.

main recommendations for the conservation of watermelon fresh

  1. To save watermelon as long as possible, it is desirable to acquire this melons are not very mature, and in any case, overripe.In this case, the usual methods of selecting berries (thud, dry tail, yellow spots) are not suitable.Desirably, watermelon the following characteristics.It is bright green and brilliant color, firm and elastic to the touch, the tail should be slightly greenish at the cut.
  2. desirable to buy watermelons late varieties, as they are more durabl
    e and stable in storage.The best month to buy - September (closer to the middle).
  3. watermelon surface should be minimal contact with the things around (including watermelons and other).For this purpose they must be kept either in the suspended form or on the shelves, the laid straw.Periodically, you need to turn the watermelon, and it should be done with gloves to minimize oxidation during the process.
  4. Storage temperature watermelons must be from 1 to 3 ° C.In this temperature regime should be maintained at a relative humidity no higher than 80%.The most convenient way to maintain these conditions when stored in the refrigerator.
  5. If you plan long-term storage (over a month), it was originally a watermelon can be subjected to mild freezing - one hour at a temperature of - 10 ° C.After such frozen watermelon placed in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 1 ° C to 3 ° C above zero.

Compliance with these conditions allows to keep under consideration melons intact for over three months.However, it is important to bear in mind that originally purchased the watermelon could be stored incorrectly or for a long time to spend in the hot sun, which can greatly reduce its ability to a permanent preservation of healthy and taste.