As inexpensive cover New Year's table?

By Admin | Household Tricks
04 June 2016

So it happened a long time that no holiday is complete without a feast with us.No less long-standing tradition is the fact that our hostess prepared a prodigious amount of food "to the guests were not ashamed."But as a rule, most of the food is not eaten, especially in the New Year's Eve.The rest of the food or eats in the next day or simply thrown because the products have deteriorated.A lot of money has been spent.How to lay the table to get a cheap and appetizing?You the practical advice.

shopped wisely

First of all, it should be a rational approach to the organization of food procurement.It is essential to save the family budget is possible, if the ingredients for New Year's table purchased in advance, because on the eve of the holiday price of standard products for the New Year table, usually increases automatically.For example, you can buy all the products that can be stored for a long time - canned peas, corn, meat products vacuum-packed frozen fish.In short, buy a stock, you can everything t

hat you will lie safely in the refrigerator before the holiday.

Another effective way to save money on the products - the acquisition of goods with a discount.Learn in advance where such sales take place, and slowly form their Christmas stock.

Experienced hostess share another secret, helping to save on the organization of the table.Pre-make a list of what are planning to serve.After that, create a separate list of ingredients to thwart that must be purchased.And according to this list shall be the purchase.This technique will help you to refrain from impulsive purchases.In addition, you can immediately fill up all the stocks at once, instead of randomly wander around the supermarket, as a result of forgetting to buy something.

prepare delicious and economically

Instead of the usual sausages, ham better buy some meat of different varieties.Then cook them in spices, bake or just fry.Get much cheaper, tastier.In addition, the table will be much more diverse, and meats is much more appetizing and satisfying than the customary sausage.

usual traditional sandwiches can be successfully replaced by homemade cakes puff pastry.As stuffing fit everything that you have on hand - fish, chicken, mushrooms.In short, you can use whatever you have left after cooking other dishes.From a standard pack of 24 will turn the dough patty.By the way, they are prepared for no longer than all of the same sandwiches.From the thawed dough forming cakes.It will take about 5 minutes.The process of cooking takes another 15 minutes.After only 20 minutes, delicious and satisfying dish is ready.

Replace favorite chops can be using minced chicken, waffle cakes small diameter.Prepare the meat dish is also very fast.Stuffing placed between two Korzh, they then dipped in batter and fried eggs from two sides.It turns out, too, is quite unusual and satisfying.

those who love fish dishes on New Year's table, it is recommended to cook them acquire not fillet and finished carcass.So get better.In addition, whole fish will look much more appetizing.And besides, her cooking recipes there are so many.

And do not forget the decoration of the table.Candles, a couple of Christmas toys, original cloth, tinsel and other elements make festive background table and give everyone a good mood.