Walnuts in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 June 2016

Diabetes imposes a large number of restrictions on the food preferences of the patient.This is due to high content of sugar in the blood of the patient and, consequently, poor susceptibility to insulin.However, there are products that not only have good taste, but also able to have a positive impact on health, reducing the symptoms of diabetes symptoms.A striking example can serve walnuts, which will be discussed further.

Advantages of walnuts in diabetes

Immediately it should be noted that the useful properties are not only mature seeds of a walnut, but also the green fruit and leaves.Therefore, we must try not to overlook any one of the gifts of the tree.

  1. high content of vitamins C, K, and P allows you to fully satisfy the daily requirement for them, using only 15-20 nuclei in the day.For comparison, green (unripe) walnuts contain 40 times more vitamin C, than oranges.This, together with a rich set of micro and macro has a bracing effect on the body, which is very important with the weakening of
    his diabetes.
  2. high content of fatty oil in mature fruit (75%) to reduce the intake of fat man, whose excessive consumption is harmful for patients with diabetes.To meet the daily intake of fat, enough to eat all 10 cores.
  3. high content of magnesium and zinc, which have the ability to lower blood sugar in the blood.The greatest number of these substances are contained in the leaves of a walnut.To achieve a therapeutic effect in the treatment of mature nuts must eat about 40 kernels per day.However, this amount of nuts due to the presence of fatty oils can cause side effects in diabetes.So often used a decoction of the leaves, and the use of mature nuts as supportive and preventive means.
  4. iodine content in mature walnut kernels enables us to provide a beneficial effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland.As is known, this iron actively affect normalization of metabolic processes, which, if violated diabetes in 98% of cases.

Methods of application

  1. recommended to eat every day for a month to 20 mature walnut.Then treatment can be repeated after a week's break.They can be consumed as fresh and as an ingredient for other dishes (salad, etc.).
  2. infusion of leaves or green fruits.Leaves or fruit are ground and covered with water at 90 ° C in a ratio of one teaspoon per 200 ml of water.Half an hour then heated on a water bath.Infusion is filtered and stored in a refrigerator (not more than two days).Drink one tablespoon after a meal.The course of treatment - one month.Then, after a month's break can be repeated again.

thus seen that walnuts can not only help in the treatment of diabetes, and significantly mitigate the strict diet.