Symptoms of osteoporosis in women

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16 June 2016

One of the keys to a fulfilling life is a healthy strong bones.They play the role of the framework and our support.If you have problems with bones is preparing to attack the serious consequences.With such a diagnosis as "osteoporosis" women face much more often than men because their bones are much stronger women.Calcium women washed several times faster than in men.As a result, see a doctor, a woman finds out that she has osteoporosis develops.

How to determine osteoporosis?

Define osteoporosis without the knowledge of its symptoms will be difficult, so you need to meet them.These primarily is attributed a lot of pain that occurs in women in the first district of the lumbosacral.If possible, you need to lie down.This will help reduce the feeling of pain.

Another symptom of the disease, which should be alerted - this reduction in growth.Reduced growth is directly related to the fact that a woman begins to slouch and hump.It is very important to pay attention to the appearance of fractures that can o

ccur even in cases of minor injury.In osteoporosis fractures occur mainly in the hip bone, forearm and vertebrae.

Osteoporosis is directly related to calcium deficiency in the body, so a woman feels the indirect symptoms of the disease described.These include cramping in the lower leg, arising mainly at night, a layer of nails, premature graying of hair, fatigue, and so on. N.

symptom onset osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of these diseases, the symptoms of which initially almostmanifest, that is, the process of bone loss has already started, but the woman did not notice any changes at first.Despite the fact that it had no pain in the body is already progressing terrible phenomenon.

only during the transition to the next stage of development is practically irreversible illness woman celebrates the manifestation of its symptoms.It becomes impossible to be in the same position for more than half an hour during the day worried about rapid heartbeat.

Can you self-diagnose osteoporosis?

Since the early stages of the disease the symptoms manifest themselves totally, diagnose osteoporosis without the help of a doctor will be quite difficult.But how is it that women protect themselves from this disease?If the patient's age exceeds 50 years, then it must be periodically examined in order not to miss the beginning of the development of bone disease.

Only a specialist can carry out the necessary studies, determining the level of bone mineral density.Exclude or confirm the diagnosis so serious, you can use X-ray image.However, this is permissible only when bone loss exceeded 30%.

In order to prevent osteoporosis, you need to follow preventive measures to strengthen the bones.