Aching jaw when opening mouth

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16 June 2016

lower jaw to the skull is connected through hinge joint, which is also called temporomandibular.It allows a person to make a variety of mouth movements (chewing, yawning, talking, etc.).Any discomfort and pain in the lower jaw to a violation of this joint work, which in some cases can lead to ankylosis.Simply put, without proper treatment, the disease will lead to a total paralysis of such a compound.

symptoms of malfunction of the temporomandibular joint

Most often a person is experiencing pain on one side of the lower jaw during meals, conversation or just opening his mouth.But this is not all the discomfort that can be experienced in violation of the ginglymoid connection.

It also may include a dull pain radiating to the ear or the back of the neck, characteristic sounds - such as a mouse.Often, a person accompany and persistent headaches.

presence of these symptoms does not allow to establish the extent of damage the temporomandibular joint.The diagnosis is determined only by visual inspection

of the patient, and then prescribe a course of treatment.Therefore, even if a person is experiencing a little discomfort when yawning, hope for independent improvement of health would be at least lightly.

nature of the violation ginglymoid connection

are two types of TMJ disorders - extracapsular and intracapsular joint disease.In the first case, the risk group are people exposed to heavy physical activity daily.It can be both athletes and stevedores.Myofascial syndrome can also be obtained as a result of disassembling the street, that is, systematic stress or minor injuries will lead to the displacement of the joint.

But intracapsular TMJ damage is more severe consequences, as a result of inflammation after infection, or severe trauma.It also may include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis rolling in.A further stage of the disease will lead to immobilization of the mandible (ankylosis).Therefore, the presence of regular pain and hypersensitivity joint deserve medical attention, especially if you are not able to open and close her mouth fully.

rid of the pain can be at home with the help of regular exercise and a local massage, but some cases may lead to surgery.For this reason, you should immediately go to the hospital at the first symptoms to rule out the possibility of ankylosis at the very beginning!