How to learn without pressure tonometer?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 June 2016

With disorders of the cardiovascular system today are increasingly facing young people.According to statistics, the cause of almost half of the deaths worldwide are diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Blood pressure is measured using a special device - a tonometer, which is sold at any pharmacy or store for the sale of medical equipment.But what if his hand was not there, and the pressure is urgently needed to measure?

calculate the index of personal ideal pressure

recommended to calculate and know your normal blood pressure, which is individual for each person individually.At this rate affects a person's age, his size (presence or absence of obesity), as well as overall health.

common indicator of normal blood pressure in adult medicine is considered to be 120/80.The first digit - is the systolic pressure and the second - diastolic.

To calculate the upper (systolic) indicator must apply the following formula: 102 + A x 0.6.For calculation of the lower (diastolic) - 63 A x + 0.4.The letter "

A" is an indicator of a person's age (how many full years).

Some displays when the pressure

After calculating the individual indicator of pressure should pay attention to symptoms that are characteristic of any failure in the cardiovascular system.Their presence may indicate how to increase and decrease of pressure.So:

  • headache.If it is sharp and throbbing, localized mainly in the temporal and occipital areas, then the pressure increased.Headaches of this nature are accompanied by dizziness, nausea and sometimes vomiting.But if the pressure is reduced, there will be present a dull, aching, as if arching pain.Typically, these pains occur after mental stress or sleep.The most frequently localized in the forehead, temples and crown of the head;
  • pulse.Its measurement should be firmly finger on the artery on the wrist or around the neck.If, even with strong pressure pulsation does not stop, this indicates an increase in pressure.But if the pulse is practically not detectable under moderate pressure-sensitive, then this indicates a low pressure;
  • face.It is necessary to look closely at the color of the skin of the face.If the skin turns red (brick hue), and covered with a distinct vascular network is evidence of increasing pressure.Pale sallow complexion and his sickly appearance signals a significant reduction of pressure;
  • health.It is an important indicator in ascertaining the pressure is the general condition of the body.High blood pressure is often the cause of shortness of breath, temporary disorders of the optic nerve acuity (redness proteins eyeballs, double and "fly" in front of the eyes), tinnitus, pain in the heart.In the case of decompression may feel weakness, dizziness, lack of energy, even if the night the body get a good rest;
  • well as a decrease in blood pressure indicate fatigue, difficulties in trying to concentrate, memory loss, painful perception of light, smells, sounds.

If you pay due attention to the above manifestations, and seek medical care, can prevent many cardiovascular diseases, which are the beginning of the blood pressure problems.Not to be missed is the primary signs of hypertensive disease, which usually signals the body in a timely manner.