Hip pain when walking

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 June 2016

Very often the reason for appeal to the orthopedist is a pain in the hip joint during walking, the discomfort can be so strong that over time, the usual movement are tremendous effort.The causes of this phenomenon, there are many.

Why is there pain?

In most pain indicates that the various structures of the damaged joint or tissue that are placed directly next to them.For example, they can be hurt by bone or cartilage, tendons.Often damaged and fascia, and muscles.

Hearth can focus pain is not only directly in the joint.Very often it goes in particular for the shin or thigh.

Often such pain may be related to the very status of the joint.Over time, the lifetime under the influence of the daily loads may be depleted cartilage.This in turn can lead to various inflammatory processes.In severe cases, the cartilage may scuff all.Then the man almost can not move independently.

often cause pain in the hip joint during walking is not itself a joint, and, for example, in various pathologies of the spine.

Some patients with painful sensations when walking in this joint may also complain to the stiffness in his movements, namely the inability to bend or straighten the leg, take it to the side.

How to diagnose?

As if pain persists for several days, you should seek qualified medical help.By the nature of pain, the symptoms the doctor can determine the cause and diagnosis of disease.Typically, in such a case is also assigned an additional X-ray.As a result, the physician has obtained studies can designate a competent treatment.

treatment of diseases Treatment of the disease depends on its severity.In some cases, appointed only a few physical therapy treatments, massages and the use of a number of medical preparations of complex action.For pain relief using analgesic injection.

In more severe cases, such as if a diagnosis of "osteoarthritis", which is quite common, can be assigned a fairly serious surgery.Besides it is also assigned to the patient physiotherapy, a number of drugs.Massages are also used.

should prepare for the fact that the recovery process after surgery will be long and painful.Especially heavy patients call procedures related to the recovery of the functions of the thigh.Walking, let alone exercise such as running, jumping will be shown later in a limited number.

In any case, in any case, it is not recommended to self-medicate.This can lead to unpredictable consequences.