How to identify a lack of iodine in the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
16 June 2016

One of the most common human problems is the lack of iodine in his body.The level of iodine in the first place need to carefully monitor children and women, as the lack of this important element can lead to serious irreversible consequences.

Methods for determination of iodine deficiency in the body

The fact that your body does not have enough iodine can be judged by certain criteria.These should include fatigue and severe fatigue, a pronounced sense of irritation, hypothyroidism.Also, when a lack of iodine in the body is increased hair loss, nails become brittle and dry skin.Cheerleaders must occurrence of constipation, frequent colds, anemia, problems related to the reproductive system.

These symptoms are typical for a number of other diseases not related to iodine deficiency, so you should additionally use other ways to determine this issue.

At home, identify iodine deficiency in the body in several ways.To find out about whether your body in this element or not, have to dip a cotton swab in io

dovy solution, which is sold in a pharmacy.Next you need to make the grid anywhere on the skin except for the area where the thyroid gland.

Apply iodine grid preferably at bedtime.In the morning should look at this place.In the absence of any trace can talk about the lack of iodine in the body.This method is fairly simple, but less significant, since it is impossible to determine how much the body needs iodine.

The second method is determined with greater accuracy.You will also need to put a dream line of iodine, only in this case will be three - thin, medium and thick.Waking also need to inspect the place where they were deposited line.In the event that disappeared only a thin strip of iodine, it is possible to say that the level of iodine in your body is all right.

If the skin is not visible fine lines and average, you should pay attention to their health.Accordingly, if all three bands disappeared, then it is a clear deficiency of iodine.It is worth mentioning that the iodine solution is desirably applied to the skin in the area of ​​the forearm.

How to help your body cope with iodine deficiency?

Having identified a lack of iodine in their bodies, first of all need to see a specialist who will prescribe the necessary drugs.Moreover, the need to revise your diet to include those products that contain iodine in their composition (potatoes, parsley, beets, seaweed and so on. D.).When cooking, it is recommended not to add common salt and iodized.

After literate approach to the elimination of iodine shortage sure to re-visit your doctor, who will determine the changes in your body.