Mandarins in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Like many other citrus fruits, tangerines to contain many useful substances.People who have health full order, you can eat them regularly.But can you afford such a luxury diabetics?

Recent studies of foreign scientists have proven that the fruit shown to use for people suffering from this disease because they contain substances nobelitin and flavonol, which have a useful feature that allows lower levels of insulin and cholesterol levels.

Than helpful tangerines in diabetes?

In addition to these important components in these citrus fruits are also present fructose, dietary fiber.They are vital to the body, but unlike many other substances do not have a negative effect on blood glucose levels.This is very important for patients with diabetes.Besides tangerine with culinary viewpoint it is a versatile product.It can be administered as an ingredient in various fruit salads, added to meat dishes.

In addition, citrus is a low-calorie, but it is able to meet the daily needs of the person in a variety of v

aluable substances.The main ingredient mandarin - water.Its in fruit almost 85%.But the fat and virtually no protein (present only 1% of each component), but a lot of vitamin C. Eating just two fruits, the problem of a lack of vitamin C will be decided for the whole day.

Such a composition is accompanied by increase of immunity, the normal functioning of the vascular system, a significant reduction in cholesterol.

fiber, which is part of the mandarins, improves gastrointestinal tract.A useful fiber helps get rid of excess weight.

As for the glycemic index of mandarin, it is low - only reaches 50 units, but the fruit is rich in carbohydrates.Consequently, consumption of the product is absolutely no effect on blood sugar.

useful and peel of the fruit.But this is more general preventive effect, rather than purely for diabetics.And it contains a huge amount of essential oils.It has tonic, antiseptic properties.

How to use tangerines for patients with diabetes?

People suffering from such an illness, it is best to eat the citrus fresh or as part of meals that allowed disease to eat.It is also allowed to include in the diet of fresh juice of mandarins.But from the factory drinks should be abandoned, since in their composition, as a rule, includes a large amount of sugar.And this is extremely harmful.

In that case, if the patient suffers from diabetes various renal disorders, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, liver use of fruit should be minimized.The components that are included in their composition, may aggravate the disease.

In the absence of the above problems fruit can be used in such an amount - 2-3 small fruits a day.