Chocolate with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

diet of people suffering from pancreatitis, represented mainly by low-fat products, cereals, boiled and steamed vegetables, fish and meat low-fat varieties.When inflammation of the pancreas to forget that this spicy dishes and condiments, coffee, cocoa, alcohol, and sweets.Many patients with this diagnosis, as pancreatitis is difficult to give up the goodies in the form of chocolate.Really with this disease can not afford even a small piece?

To answer this question you need to understand the composition of chocolate.It includes cocoa butter and sugar.All of the ingredients are difficult to read the pancreas.In this regard, pancreatitis chocolate is hardly recommended to use the product.A large number of chocolate goodies, eaten with pancreatitis, the pancreas will have increased load.Consequently, it may begin to develop diabetes.

And nobody says that a person with a disease of the pancreas will need to abandon forever the beloved delicacies is only recommended to limit their number.In order not to h

arm your body just do not abuse it.It's worth noting that the only exception is the period of exacerbation.At this stage, the flow of pancreatitis patients recommended strict compliance with sparing diet or do fasting.

After the period of exacerbation can eat small amounts of chocolate.It should be remembered that the use of this delicacy on an empty stomach is prohibited.It should be noted that this is the most important rule applies not only to people with impaired function of the pancreas, but also a healthy person.The fact that the chocolate eaten fasting adversely affect the process of digestion.When used correctly, chocolate pancreatitis can provide themselves with good humor and establish effective mental work.

Once it became clear that pancreatitis can still be a few pieces of chocolate include in your diet, you need to determine the type of this delicacy.Preference is to give dark chocolate because it is an excellent digestive stimulant.Dark chocolate helps increase the activity of the prostate, but should only choose a chocolate treat, which contains no sugar in its composition.