Why knits in your mouth?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Many people are familiar feeling of viscosity in the mouth.Call this unpleasant condition can be various reasons for that must be reliably determined to combat this disease.

Dry mouth may be a consequence of intoxication.Feeling viscosity occurs after the use of any drugs.This feeling arises in the morning, it can be explained by a strong nocturnal snoring, in which dry mucous.Also, the viscosity in the mouth can be observed in nasal congestion, as well as reduced tonus in the soft palate.

constant viscosity

sometimes causes unpleasant sensation of dryness in the mouth and viscosity may lurk in the presence of various bad habits and, above all, smoking.This is due to the fact that because nicotine produces insufficient amounts of saliva.

also a constant viscosity can be observed and salty food lovers.So, a day is recommended to eat no more than seven grams of salt.Dry mouth can be explained and the presence of a number of diseases - such as, for example, diabetes, hypertension, anemia.Sometimes th

is condition is associated with inflammation of the salivary glands.

Sometimes, viscosity in the mouth is a natural phenomenon of the age.So, people who have reached 55-60 years, suffering because of reduced production of saliva glands.For this reason, a constant viscosity in the mouth for many retirees is becoming an eternal companion.

Temporary viscosity

Interestingly, periodic viscosity in the mouth can cause physical overload.Sometimes this condition can trigger prolonged exposure to extreme hot or, conversely, very dry climate, which leads to loss of moisture, which can be restored in a short time.

Call viscosity in the mouth can also receive individual drugs - painkillers or relaxants, tranquilizers or antidepressants, as well as the funds intended for weight loss.

In the case where the viscosity of the mouth appeared after taking a specific medication, it is necessary to examine in detail his instructions.Perhaps that is one of the possible side effects.When dry mouth accompanied by nausea or dizziness, then the cause is the general condition of the body associated with the development of the common cold or other more serious ailment.Therefore, such a symptom, like dryness of the mouth and the viscosity should not be left unattended.