Diet after removal of hemorrhoids

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Hemorrhoids - quite a serious disease faced by many men and women.It is characterized by the appearance of hemorrhoids, sensitive to any touch, and even stress.However, out of a difficult situation it is - hemorrhoids removed surgical intervention, after which the most important and difficult is to maintain proper nutrition.For information on how to restore the patient's body, what diet to keep before and after surgery, and what products are included on the menu, tell today's article.

Preparations for the operation and its implementation

operations to remove the hemorrhoids are divided into two categories - regular and emergency.The former is more common and easily.In this case, prolonged remission, and hemorrhoids over time cease to excite the host and disappears completely by himself.As regards the second embodiment, it is vitally important if the starting thrombosis of hemorrhoids.They have to be removed immediately to prevent further tissue necrosis.When emergency operations remission occurs muc

h later, but runs at times easier and faster.

key factors occurrence of remission and improve well-being of the patient as a whole are the two factors - a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.Of course, walking and playing sports has not been canceled, but experts recommend for a while to avoid excessive physical effort not to cause a break joints and complications after surgery.As for food, it must not only include products that help healing of tissues, and vitamin complex to maintain immunity.

first few months after surgery: tips and diet menu

nutrition of patients during remission - one of the most important stages in the recovery of the body, so you should be very careful.Of course, that immediately after the operation the patient should not be a chair, so nutrition in the first day contains only the use of various liquids.

After a few days in the diet introduced milk porridge, soups, steam cutlets and meatballs.As for drinks, you can only eat soup and green tea (preferably vegetable).Do not be amiss to use natural juices, fruits and berries.Needless to food must be held at least five times a day but small portions of food at a time.

How soon and in the first month after the removal of hemorrhoids categorically counter irritating the mucous membrane of the intestine and cause bloating products, which include cabbage, radish, gooseberries, raspberries, beans, apples, lentils, nuts and citrus.Also, should abandon the use of this term in any type of alcoholic beverages, as they can lead to complications due to tidal large amount of blood to the small pelvis.

In the first months after the operation the patient is not necessary to consume a large amount of fried meat and sweets.All dishes must be cooked by steaming, without the use of butter and vegetable oils.As for sweets, it is recommended to use only honey or jam, and then in small quantities.

Power in the long term after surgery

The first and most important rule to remember is to be patient all the time - it is maintaining a regular chair.Only he can help prolong the remission, and get rid of bad hemorrhoids once and for all.

As for the diet, it is preferable to continue to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.The menu should abound stewed and fresh vegetables, steamed dishes, soups and porridges.Fried, sweet and savory can be used only on holidays, as well as a small amount of alcohol.Also, do not abuse the carbonated drinks, replacing them with more useful liquids - weak coffee and teas.

Always remember that proper diet and moderate physical activity - is the key to your healthy and happy future.