Cystitis breastfeeding

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15 June 2016

Breastfeeding or otherwise lactation - the first stage of post-natal recovery of the body of a young mother.It is here can start to show some disease caused by an imbalance in the body and vitamins.Alarm beat on this occasion it is not necessary.The main thing - time to start the treatment and be sure to consult with a specialist who can make the correct diagnosis and determine the drugs, which help the body to his mother, and lactation has not stopped.

most common illness in the postpartum period is cystitis.However, it differs significantly from the form, which is known to many of the fair sex.If an ordinary cystitis caused by infections hit in the genito-urinary tract, causing inflammation occurs, the same disease during lactation begins due to improper functioning of the body.However, the symptoms of both types of the disease are identical - burning urinary organs, pain and discomfort, from which the head starts to go around.Given the fact that the young mother should be completely calm and health

y lactation, so that through the milk does not transmit the infection to the kid, there is a serious and logical question - how to quickly get rid of cystitis?

Antibiotic therapy

cystitis Because pathogens are bacteria, most often, doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics is the most effective and quickest way of escape.Modern drugs, of course, compatible with the period of lactation and does not affect the baby's health, but to warn the physician still stands.Do not be amiss to observe, and the condition of their child in the first few times after taking antibiotics - an allergy, drowsiness or, conversely, excessive arousal would be a signal to the fact that it is time to switch from milk to baby food.

most often for efficient and rapid destruction of pathogens cystitis used cephalosporin antibiotics, nitrofurans and penicillins.The best-known drug in this category is Monural.But its obvious negative - the young mother will have to stop breast-feeding.If cystitis is mild, your doctor may prescribe Cephalexin or Amoxicillin - antibiotics common action without affecting lactation and do not make me a way of feeding.


addition of antibiotics is not superfluous to think about a diet that will help reduce the time to get rid of cystitis.The diet of young mothers should include fresh and stewed foods that do not contain large amounts of salt.It is also recommended to refrain at this time from the use of fried, sweet and overly spicy food - it will only exacerbate the burning and discomfort, reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics.

To speed recovery, the young mother should drink lots of fluids to flush the infection of the urinary tract.This can effectively help herbal teas with chamomile, rose hips, as well as the normal green tea and natural juices without pulp.