It hurts when you touch the skin

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

A lot of people suffer from hypersensitivity of the skin.Such a state can be found on such grounds - any slightest touch to different parts of the skin causes unpleasant pain.This syndrome can be located in a separate area, and move the whole body.

It also happens that such a physiological phenomenon indicates injury, which was obtained in a separate section.

Causes pain on the skin

One of the most common causes are commonplace sunburn resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun.As a result, it is possible to get hurt the first or second degree.This condition leads to the fact that any touch to the skin causes severe pain.

often that disease can be caused by neuropathy.So is the state of nerve damage, which also entails an increased sensitivity of the skin.The very same neuropathy arises due to various reasons.This can be diabetes, and the lack of vitamins and minerals and a variety of injuries.

It also happens that the increased sensitivity of the skin - the effects of migraines.The disease can

also cause pain to the touch.

Quite often, this physiological problem is a symptom of serious diseases such as herpes, chicken pox.In this case, immediately contact your doctor and report the occurrence of such a state.

Less often, but still happens that pain when touched result from the fact that the portion of the brain that is responsible for evaluating stimuli damaged.In this case, a person may experience unexpected reaction to the banal pressure or touch to the skin.

What if I have these symptoms?

In that situation, if the pain causes significant discomfort and persists for several days, in any case, should not self-medicate.This can lead to negative consequences, as not passing pain may indicate a variety of serious illnesses that require complex interventions and treatment.For example, such as migraine or neuropathy.Following the appointment of a number of diagnostic tests and the results of the doctor prescribe a comprehensive treatment and soon the pain will pass similar.