It hurts the scalp to the touch

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

When skin is too sensitive to touch, it is not just uncomfortable, but annoying, sometimes even unbearable.Healthy and beautiful hair - is the main card of the modern woman.With regards to pain, then this condition is called allodynia.This is when the person feels any type of pain is exaggerated.Even if the wind blows painless, the skin starts to hurt.With such a problem often faced by women - holders of long curls.

reasons for the pain of the skin under the hair can be a lot.If pain symptoms observed for a long time (a few days), then you should not hesitate, it is necessary to consult a doctor-trihologu.

Improper handling and maintenance may cause pain with minimal touch to the hair.For example, if you comb the hair comb irregular and hard, if often do tight hairstyles or hair comb is not enough at all.If your hair is combed, and often do it with a soft massage brush with wooden teeth, it increases blood circulation, relieves pain and hair improve their health.

scalp may hurt if used substandard c

are shampoo or balm.By the way, for prevention is recommended periodically to rub salt into a large scalp.

Other reasons:

  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • neuropathy;
  • migraine;
  • tiles;
  • fibromalgiya;
  • demyelinating disease;
  • brain defect.

If the skin is tender and has a high sensitivity, it requires the appropriate treatment.Independently use popular technique is not necessary.It is necessary to go to the dermatologist, as is likely, it is required to treat the main causes of which are exempt from this sensitivity.

If the scalp is sore in the benevolent, then it is a serious problem, as is associated with osteochondrosis vessels in the head, or rather in the brain.

scalp may hurt due to inflammation.This is a sign of dermatitis.The skin starts to redden, bubbles are formed with suppuration.There is already no comment - urgently need to see a doctor, even if treatment is not immediately scheduled, as would have to be examined, the patient should settle down.Stress triggers the symptoms of dermatitis.And it can become chronic.Rooting can scalp due to the presence of fungus or bacteria activation.