How to straighten teeth without braces?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

incorrectly teenager growing teeth are often for it not only aesthetic but also a psychological problem.Unfortunately, the ways of its solution in most cases similar and are reduced to long-term wear straightening plates (brackets), which are themselves in the children's environment are often a cause for ridicule.Can you straighten your teeth without braces and how to do it?

Today, there are three basic ways to straighten teeth without braces: using veneers, cap and trainers.It is worth noting that all of them can also be used to correct defects in dentition are not only teenagers but also adults.

occlusion method using veneers is to install on the teeth of special thin plates and is used mostly for straightening the front (anterior) teeth.Modern medicine allows you to set veneers without painful procedure of turning the teeth, which was used in the initial stages of the method.They are fixed by means of special dental cement containing fluorine, preventing its degradation by saliva.

Capa are translucent overlays that specify the required direction of the growth of teeth and micro-movements.A distinctive feature of the cap is that at the time of oral hygiene or ingestion they can be removed and then put back.Also caps unobtrusive in the mouth of man.Time occlusion end caps ranging from three months to one and a half - two years.

silicone device for straightening teeth was named Trainer.Unlike previous methods, he corrects not only the direction of growth of the teeth, but also eliminates the root causes of such anomalies as swallowing, mouth breathing, speech, etc.

Also, in some cases it is possible alignment of teeth surgically, but this method, besides the high injury, dangerous even possible postoperative complications: infections, allergic reactions, medical error, etc.

Unfortunately, severe defects bite, especially in the adult, without the use of braces is almost unreal.Therefore, to assess the degree of pathology and treatment must choose a doctor having a sufficiently high qualification.Otherwise, all the effort and money spent on treatments may be useless.