Cyclamen from sinusitis

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15 June 2016

Sinusitis - an inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes of the sinuses, which are located around the nose, around the eyes, forehead and cheeks.As a rule, the treatment of this disease are proven medicines, but not always, this therapy is successful, and then desperate patients turn to folk treatments.One of the plants used in the treatment of sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and polyps is the cyclamen.

Medicinal properties of this plant are known to mankind since ancient times.The papyri dating from the fourth century BC, describes the medicinal qualities of this amazing plant.

as a raw material for making drugs used cyclamen tuber.In its structure is tsiklamin, saponins and bitter substances.This plant has a soothing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.Irritant affecting the mucous membranes, cyclamen facilitates their purification and regeneration.

To prepare the medication necessary to dig the tubers plants and thoroughly clean them from the earth.This is best done in early

spring when they accumulate the greatest amount of nutrients.Traditional healers offer several methods of treatment using the cyclamen:

  1. nose drops.Prepared tubers should be thoroughly ground and using a folded in several layers of cheesecloth to squeeze out the juice.It should be diluted with boiled water (1: 4), and then dig in immediately upon waking, without getting out of bed one drop (!) In each nostril.After the procedure, try another 10 minutes did not get up, and then drink a warm herbal decoction anti-inflammatory action.This treatment should be carried out within a week.A few days later starts copious Department pus inflamed sinuses.Courses of treatment do intermittently 1 time in 2 months.There is another recipe drops from sinusitis.To this end, the finished juice diluted with olive or sunflower oil (1:10).Next burying carried out by the above scheme.
  2. ointment is prepared from a mixture of juice of a cyclamen, onions, aloe, kalanchoe and ointments Vishnevsky.Ready means impregnated cotton turundy (flagella) and lay into the nostrils for 30 minutes.These procedures are performed daily for 21 days.
  3. From extraction of juice and tubers of cyclamen pharmaceutical industry created a special spray for the treatment of sinusitis "Sinuforte." The most effective use it at the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Treatment cyclamen should be performed very carefully, since it includes toxic substances thatCauses burns of the mucous membrane, as well as during long-term uncontrolled treatment there are cases of visual impairment. In no case should not increase the number of drops with instillation, not to harm your body.

During the treatment it is recommended parallel intestinal lavage and a strict vegetable diet.