How to develop after breaking his hand?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

broken arm unpleasant not only itself, but also its consequences.Even after removing the plaster may be significant variations in the coordination of hand movements, muscle atrophy during treatment and should be developed anew.A man sometimes can not even hold his hand light household items, so weakened muscle tissue hand.Naturally, the disabled person falls sharply and require skilled care.

In most cases, these problems are, if the fracture has occurred in the lower or upper part of the humerus, the elbow, the shoulder joint, the hand.Complications caused not only prolonged immobilization of the hand, but also a violation of the nerve trunks, which are often damaged by fractures.To restore the possibility of limb movement, it is necessary to perform special exercises in warm water, do a simple job and gymnastics.Start a course of treatment should be on the second day after the removal of plaster.

Start with a light hand to develop physical education, as this method is one of the most simple, but at

the same time a very effective way to return the hand to its former mobility.For this you need a rubber ball, sponge or drive does not matter, the main thing that it was comfortable to hold in hand.Performing exercises is reduced to an ordinary the compression in the hand of your chosen subject, but should do this exercise as often as possible.Start with the easiest, that is, with a sponge, and after some time gradually go to the expander, so you will be able to quickly regain their lost mobility of her arm.But at the same time, remember that it should not overwork, because a fracture is a pretty serious injury!

But it also happens that a man, after removing the plaster and can not move my arm and there is not yet able to go no question of carrying out physiotherapy.Hand is needed to regain mobility, starting with finger movements.And for this you need to use a special gymnastics.First of all you must make a special hand massage, you can ask someone to help you.Rub the entire limb, until the fingers, the purpose of this massage is to return to a normal blood supply to the hands.After the massage, put your hand on a smooth surface (table) and the fingers start to breed in the sides and back.Do this exercise several times and then move on to the next.Hand turn sideways and alternately bend the fingers slowly begin to bend them all together.Finally, try to make a fist with the power and so again several times.This set of exercises can be performed in warm water, it will greatly simplify its implementation.

At the turn radius arms to restore its lost motor abilities necessary to perform the following exercises.Hands need to rely on a solid surface (of the cabinet, for example), and the forearm while holding right.Begin to make the motion in the wrist, bending and straightening the arm.After Make a fist and repeat.Next, expand the palm of the hand to one another and begin to connect them, such an exercise will restore lost flexibility radius.

recovery process is not a quick thing, so please be patient and try as often as possible to do the exercises.Also include in your diet foods rich in calcium and silicon, then the healing process will be faster.