Mummies in fractures

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

fractures are of two types: closed and open.If the fracture is closed, it means that only the damaged bone, while the skin remains intact limb.With an open fracture and damaged skin of the body.The recovery period after the fracture can be completely different, but on average, from two weeks to several months.In the first decade of the medicine is not carried out various studies on this subject (acceleration of the recovery period), and has been scientifically proven that one of the best means for this purpose is a mummy.

also conducted a series of chemical research, which confirmed that a part of the tool has a lot of essential fatty acids, amino acids and trace elements (manganese, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, iron, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and so on. D.).In addition, the study provided some information about the origin of the mummy.

Shilajit promotes the formation of callus, and without it is impossible in principle cure for fractures.In addition, it accelerates the process of healing and accret

ion of the damaged limb, as well as actively participating in the reconstruction of damaged muscle tissues and their normal activities.If fractures apply the mummy, the entire treatment process takes no more than 16-20 days.Approximately 10-15 days after the fracture at the site of injury begins zarubtsovyvatsya calluses and receive mummy becomes mandatory.This drug does not disrupt the normal healing process, that is, prevents displacement of the bones, which sometimes happens during convalescence after fractures.

Application mummy in the treatment of fractures is more than justified, because in addition to the positive effect of this drug affected limb also has a beneficial effect on the entire body.Mummies normalizes sleep a person drives his normal weight, reduces the temperature, awakens the appetite.

course receive the mummy is directly dependent on, where there was a crisis.If this is the bone of the forearm, the tubular bone or bones of the shoulder, then the inside of the drug take no more than 1-2 courses of treatment.For other fractures prescribe a course of application mummy of three to six times (courses).

Shilajit can be taken in combination with other drugs, but in any case, before you start taking the drug, no harm will consult with your doctor!