The lymph nodes under the arms: Causes and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

lymph node - is the organ that filters lymph fluid which is present in our body.It can be called "guardian of health", in fact it gives the appearance of the body know it bacteria, parasites and viruses.

When inflammation of the lymph nodes, the first thing is to do is to seek medical help.Only a specialist can make the diagnosis, that is, to understand what kind of disease is caused by inflammation.Do not neglect the health center, because some causes of inflammation are very serious and can even threaten human life.Here is a brief list of possible causes of inflammation of lymph nodes: connective tissue disease, hypersensitivity organism, malignant tumor in the body, and chronic bacterial and viral infections, cancer, breast cancer.As we see, it causes very serious and it is better to immediately go to the hospital, rather than wait for an exacerbation of symptoms.

If a person is healthy, it just does not feel the lymph nodes, but if they are inflamed, it always pay attention to it.Even when making

hand movements, and even more so when you squeeze the lymph node, it will feel a slight pain, themselves swollen lymph nodes in inflammation and become noticeable to the touch.The patient himself is able to determine their inflammation, and the first thing to do at the health center, so check it out closely spaced to the lymph nodes for the presence of diseases of organs.

The process of inflammation of the lymph nodes already indicates that the body is actively fighting pathogens.A patient man with the temperature may rise, appear weak in the body.The doctor who will cure the disease, first be sure to find out the reasons, provoke inflammation, and only then begin to treat.When lymphadenitis always first establish the cause, and only then prescribe.Such, in most cases, is any disease, so treat not the inflamed lymph node, and this disease.But if the cause can not be established (the disease), it must treat the lymph node itself.

In some cases, you can treat yourself and inflamed lymph node.If you feel the touch of his, but there is no pain, you can try to reduce inflammation using traditional medicine.For this purpose, Echinacea tincture: 100 grams of water, 10 drops of tincture, taken three times per day.After some time, the inflammation should decrease.

of Echinacea also make a special syrup to treat lymph node.We need to take 1.5 cups of water and add to it 4 tbsp.l.Echinacea root, put on fire and boil for 20 minutes.After the broth is added to 50 grams of peppermint, give it brew for five minutes and can be taken.Take this syrup 3 times a day to 20 grams.

In addition, you can use antipyretics, warm compresses, antibiotics, and of course, a good rest.