Swollen fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 June 2016

Very often, fluid retention is accompanied by the appearance of swelling.Special discomfort deliver swelling of hands.Fingers become inactive and unpleasant sensations in the hands.The cause swelling of the hands can be very different state.Most often they appear with considerable stress and fatigue.Swelling of the hands may occur when excessive drinking, increased use of salt and, as a consequence of water.

intense heat causes stagnation of lymphatic fluid and the deterioration of its outflow, which can also cause swelling of the hands.Just relax, take a bath with sea salt and a good sleep, then pens are flexible and mobile.

However, there is a serious disease, which can be said to swelling of the hands.Many cardiovascular diseases that occur with impaired liver or kidney disease, endocrine disorders give its mark in the form of swelling of the hands.Many disorders of the nervous system accompanied by a "paralytic edema," which are a consequence of the defeat of the brain or spinal cord.Even a minor

injury can cause hand swelling.The latter may be an allergic reaction to the allergens, then the best treatment would be an exception to the diet or the direct contact of substances that cause allergic swelling.Swelling with pain occur when thrombophlebitis or inflammation of blood vessels.

As a rule, the period of pregnancy in women having swelling.It can be both physiological and herald the development of complications of pregnancy - preeclampsia.But in most cases, fluid retention caused by hormonal changes in pregnant.In this case, laboratory urinalysis, medical examination and will say about the causes of edema.

latter may be changing the composition of the blood or lymphatic system, the defeat of the vascular wall in the blood stream, then through the capillary walls of blood enters the tissues and swelling occurs.

To prevent the accumulation of lymph in the tissues of the hands held osteopathic treatment.It has no side effects, and shows almost all patients with swelling of the hands.

When edema is desirable to seek the advice of a doctor, therapist and undergo a full medical examination to determine the cause and get proper treatment.